Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mom, What Do I Do When...

Back in May Joe watched the Human Growth and Development movie.  This year he got to see the boy's movie and, much to his delight, he got to watch the girls movie  too.  I thought it had been pretty uneventful because when he came home I asked him to tell me about it and he said it was no big deal.  It seems he had to take some time to process the information because I was taking him to Strength and Conditioning camp the other day and he posed a question to me out of the blue, "Mom, what do I do when I am sitting in class in Junior High and a girl starts her period?"

Me      "Joe, you won't have to do anything.  It is not your problem.  You probably won't even notice."
Joe      "But what if I do?"
Me      "Well, you could ask one of her girlfriends to tell her, but under no circumstances are you to approach a menstruating woman and tell her that you have noticed it."
Joe     "You know, boys don't have it easy either, Mom."
Me     "How so, Joe, what do boys have to worry about?"
Joe      "The nurse told us that if we were showing we should put a book in front of it until it goes down."
Me      "I don't think that is as big of a deal as a girl starting her period in class, but the book is a good idea. Hey, Joe, what did you do this year when you were in class with a girl who started her period?"  
Joe     "That is easy.  We were in 6th grade.  No girls had started their periods in 6th grade."
Me     "See, I told you.  You did not have to do anything.  About half of the girls in your class had started.  You didn't even know it."
Joe      "No way, Mom.  I would have known."
Me      "Most girls keep it private, Joe."
Joe      "I think the best idea is for me not to stare at other people's crotches."
Me       "Good idea."

Yes, it is interesting how girls like to keep their growth and development private.  It seems like boys boast and brag at every new development.  I have heard about sprouting hair from my boys on the day it happens in a new place.  The only thing I can say to those pronouncements is, "Good for you!  You are growing up!"

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