Thursday, June 30, 2011

Its A Small World And Bentley Is In It

Confession time.  I follow the Bachelor/ Bachelorette.  I am not proud of this but I just can't keep myself from watching the train wreck that is sure to happen under the reality show premise.  I am not the only one.  My neighbor who is well educated, runs everyday, owns a cool black Labrador, and is still employed in this economy also follows the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and he is a guy!  And, is it politically incorrect for me to surmise that he is not gay because of the wife and kids?  Every Tuesday we greet each other and talk about the show and what happened and what we think will happen.  And he is not my only friend with this obsession.  Y'all know who you are.

So far this season Bentley, from Salt Lake City, has proven to be the kind of guy no girl should want to date.  He acted charming toward Ashley, but behind her back he would say demeaning things that would just make me want to slap him.  I have had a friend ask me to find one of my Utah friends to key his car.  I think he hits it out of the park playing the role of a jerk I remember dating right after high school.

Tonight I went to Shawna Erickson's 60th birthday party.  It was a fun luau theme and I enjoyed seeing so many friends I have known since we moved to Dallas 22 years ago.  As we were socializing I overheard that one of Shawna's grandsons was named Bentley.  I had to make a joke about it to his mother.  When I started laughing about the Bachelorette she told me that Bentley was actually named after the Bachelorette villain.  Her husband and Bentley had been friends at BYU and had played on the same intermural football team.  Lance admired Bentley as the guy who had it all.  He was good looking.  He got great grades. He came from a wealthy family.  He had a great car.  He was good at sports and had a really cute girlfriend.  And he was hillariously funny.  Why not name your kid after such a great guy?  He believes Bentley is being demonized, that he really isn't that bad of a guy.

On our way home from the party we called Megan (another Bachelor/Bachelorette viewer) to tell her that we had met Bentley at the party.  She thought the story was pretty funny but Megan also has a connection to Bentley. One of Megan's friends used to date Bentley.  She watches the show and is grateful she moved on.

Bentley, love him or hate him, he is the reason for the 7th season of the Bachelorette.

  You might think that BYU is a small place where everyone knows everyone, but the enrollment is over 30,000 students.  Maybe in the Mormon world we just have fewer degrees of separation.

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